Game time!

Game time is finally about to arrive!

New York Countdown

The event of the year draws ever closer – on 11/11 the world title match between Magnus Carlsen and challenger Sergey Karjakin kicks off. Unsurprisingly, news tidbits are now coming thick and fast as various factions start to ratchet up the excitement. Here is an overview of the latest developments.

Kaja Snare – Agon’s ace world championship reporter

Norwegian sports reporter Kaja Snare has been headhunted to become the international TV reporter for organizer Agon’s live coverage of the Carlsen-Karjakin title match in New York.

Raising the curtain

We’re in the middle of the summer, which means things are starting to heat up in the chess world. Matt & Patt’s columnist takes a look at recent events.

Fast and furious

Matt & Patt contributor GM Jonathan Tisdall updates on some recent chess events.

From start to finish

Grandmaster Jonathan Tisdall looks at European Championship and updates on the preparations for the title match.