Ask an honest man a question…

The 6th edition of the Altibox Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger had a whole lot of drama. GM Jonathan Tisdall gives an inside look.

Risk, margins and speed

GM Jonathan Tisdall on Tata Steel Chess, Gibraltar Chess Festival – and the Candidates!

Men and machines

GM Jonathan Tisdall gives his take on the Tata Steel Chess so far.

A slow look around …

Happy New Year – and welcome to 2018!

A dangerous game

And then there were eight …


Ah, the world championship match. Remember that?


When the 12th and final ‘slow’ game of the world championship match ended in a half hour of synchronized sweeping and a friendly handshake, I delivered my flash report with an honest reaction that echoed the length of the ‘struggle’ – «WTF?»

Reset day

We are now just one more nervous game away from the unthinkable – deciding a classical world title by playing increasingly faster games. I know that it happened not so terribly long ago, but I still find unthinkable a good word for it. Because the champion seemed such a clear favorite, and because I don’t think I will ever find it a satisfactory way to settle such an important event.

Law of averages

Weeks of frustration have finally ended for the champion, and once again he pauses after the game to speak with Norwegian media. Visibly nearly as weary as he is happy, he cannot hide a face-splitting smile. The match is now tied 5-5, and some might say we now have a two-game title contest.