From St. Louis … to London

Grandmaster Jonathan Tisdall with a detailed analysis of the recently concluded Sinquefield Cup previwing the highly anticipated Carlsen-Caruana World Championship match in November.

Ask an honest man a question…

The 6th edition of the Altibox Norway Chess tournament in Stavanger had a whole lot of drama. GM Jonathan Tisdall gives an inside look.

Risk, margins and speed

GM Jonathan Tisdall on Tata Steel Chess, Gibraltar Chess Festival – and the Candidates!

Men and machines

GM Jonathan Tisdall gives his take on the Tata Steel Chess so far.

A slow look around …

Happy New Year – and welcome to 2018!

A dangerous game

And then there were eight …


Ah, the world championship match. Remember that?


When the 12th and final ‘slow’ game of the world championship match ended in a half hour of synchronized sweeping and a friendly handshake, I delivered my flash report with an honest reaction that echoed the length of the ‘struggle’ – «WTF?»

Reset day

We are now just one more nervous game away from the unthinkable – deciding a classical world title by playing increasingly faster games. I know that it happened not so terribly long ago, but I still find unthinkable a good word for it. Because the champion seemed such a clear favorite, and because I don’t think I will ever find it a satisfactory way to settle such an important event.