Karjakin om Magnus

ChessBase har i dag en bilderapport fra Karjakin-Short-matchen. Den 18-årige ukraineren har følgende å si om Magnus:

Me: Sergey, I have a question that all the world would like to ask you.

Sergey (laughing): About him? Again?

Me: Yes, What are you going to do about Magnus Carlsen? Smash him with a tennis racket?

Sergey: Some people say he is unbeatable, but I think it is really possible to win against him, at the chess board, and not just physically.

Me: But still, what if is not possible at the chess board?

Sergey: I am used to winning at the board.

Me: What about chessboxing?

Serges: Ahhh, that could be veeery interesting!

(Besøkt 67 ganger, 1 besøk i dag)